What Is The TwitterBudgie Network?

The Twitter Budgie Network (TBN) offers comprehensive mobile birdband coverage to thousands of subscribers and delivers immediate resolutions to common Twitter issues.

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When accepted in the Twitter Budgie Network, any time a Twitter problem is encountered, a Twitter budgie will show up on the doorstep 1.8 milliseconds later with the perfect solution.

How It Works - The Slightly Longer Answer

Step 1.) Customer applies and is accepted into Twitter Budgie Network.

Twitter Budgie Phone Step 2.) Subscriber is provided with a Special Red Twitter Budgie BudgiePhone. This BudgiePhone is encoded with the user's computer's MAC address, address and GPS location (enabling iPhone users to also use the service). To blend in with the surroundings, a stylish cake cover is also included so it can be proudly displayed anywhere in the kitchen or bathroom.

Step 3.) Subscriber encounters one of the following problems on Twitter:

  • No way to send more than 140 characters
    Twitter 140 characters
  • No way to send images
    Twitter Image sending
  • No way to send sounds
    Send sounds in Twitter
  • No way to create groups
    Twitter Groups
  • No way to page timeslines on the iPhone
    Page Timelines in iPhone
  • No XMPP
    Twitter XMPP
  • No way to condense epic novels to 140 characters
    Condense epic novels
  • No automatic coffee apparition
    Twitter Coffee

But the subscriber DOESN'T panic.


Step 4.) Subscriber rushes over to the Twitter BudgiePhone, takes off the cake cover and presses the Big Red Button. Let's start the clock now, shall we?

Step 5.) The Twitter Budgie Silent Alarm that is carried in every Twitter Budgie's backpack is activated, resulting in a Mass Budgie Meeting at the Secret Budgie Bunker. Time passed: 23 nanoseconds.

Step 6.) The Master Budgie activates his or her iPhone and downloads the data provided from the initial Twitter BudgiePhone call. Discussions ensue until the answer is united. Once a solution is proposed, the Twitter Budgies delegate the most logical Budgie choice to deliver the results. Time passed: 42 nanoseconds.

Step 7.) The Designated Twitter Budgie hops into the Budgie Transporter Mobile

Twitter Budgie Mobile

and teleports to the subscriber's location. Time passed: 44 nanoseconds.

Step 8.) Subscriber chooses NOT to panic


at the apparition of the Twitter Budgie on top of the computing device.

Step 9.) The TwitterBudgie implements the TwitterBudgie solution

My Hero!

and departs, rescuing the subscriber from imminent failure and doom.

For a more detailed description of how Twitter solutions are implemented, please refer to our FAQ.

Have a great day!
Barbara Ling and Owlbert

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