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While creating TwitterBudgie, I came across dozens and dozens of really superb Twitter-related sites online. And as I always believe in sharing what I build, I decided to create the official Twitter Budgie Wordpress Plugin!

Based off of the Hello Dolly plugin, when activated, the Twitter Budgie plugin will display a random useful Twitter-related link in the upper right hand corner of your admin pages.

Installation is simple. Just download and open the zip file, and upload the directory


to your Wordpress plugins directory. Then simply activate the plugin and voila, you'll see great Twitter related resoures on your admin page.

Wasn't that simple? :-) Click below to download!

If you'd like to learn more about Twitter, please visit our Super Secret Top Notch Terrific Twitter Topics page. I promise you - you'll love it! :-)

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Have a great day!

Barbara Ling and Owlbert

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